R. Kelly Trial Begins Today

It’s about time. . .

Photo: Chicago Tribune

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For A REMIX!!!!!

I keed, I keed.   

Seriously folks, having originated from Chicago, I can tell you from experience that folk LOVE R. Kelly.

No, I mean, they REALLY love him. Love him enough to keep making his songs number one after the initial sex with a minor thing. Love him enough to support him through the child pornography thing. Folk really love R. Kelly.

I said all that to say. We should take a stand for our children even when the accused is one of our beloved. (Well not mine, I was over R Kelly when he compared women to Jeeps, but Whatev.)

Several years ago, I went to an Isley Brothers concert. Near the end a tall man came out. Ron Isley introduced him as R. Kelly. The crowd went wild.

I noticed a sound in my ears. It was my own voice screaming too. What had I become? This R Kelly mania is indeed contagious. I must, will resist, for the sake of our daughters.

2 thoughts on “R. Kelly Trial Begins Today

  1. I can’t wait to see how this one turns out. If there were ever a trial better suited for Court TV to broadcast, this is the one.

  2. It will be interesting to see no doubt. I wonder if he will sing his testimony.

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